Realtors tend to post everything about their business on social media. Often the content is new listings, a just sold property, pictures of happy families that just bought a house, or a little preview of an open house. Although this is good content, social media content, and blog topics for realtors should focus on showcasing how much of an expert you are in the local area and your business.

Below are five real estate blog topics we recommend realtors should post on their websites or social media.

1. Describe the neighborhoods and areas you service.

You lived in this area your whole life or one day came to this beautiful city and never looked back. Give insight into the best parts of each neighborhood from your perspective or the perspective of the clients you seek. If your specialty is first time homebuyers, mentioning how amazing the area is for new families because of the parks and great schools, is what these potential buyers need to know.

2. List the best places to eat in town.

Honestly, we are a little bias with this one. We’re foodies. But then again, who isn’t. We feel this is one of the best blog topics for realtors. You should let people know what the best places to get some grub or grab a drink are. Don’t be afraid to mention the little hole in the wall down the street that serves the best-grilled cheese they’ll ever have!



3. Best places to shop in the area.

For most, it is a massive factor for a lot of people. Where is the best place to get groceries? How far is the nearest mall or shopping center? Is there a Lowes or Home Depot nearby? Even if someone is looking for a charming, quiet home in the middle of nowhere, they will still need to know where to get necessities.

4. Best house staging tips for sellers

When you have a listing, you want to make sure the house is presentable. Providing potential home sellers with a list of do’s and don’ts if they’re trying to sell their home can help both you and the client. And if these tips help sell the house for over-asking, they’ll love you even more.

Quick tip, As per Coldwell Banker, a home that is staged sells 25% faster.

5. Detail the steps of the home-buying process

Our favorite of the real estate blog topics is explaining the home-buying process. Providing valuable and possibly shareable content is the goal here. The majority of homebuyers find this process daunting and are undereducated. A home is the biggest purchase someone will make in their lifetime, and how to buy a home wasn’t covered anyone’s college curriculum.

Whether in video or written format, you can break this down into multiple steps and provide the right amount of snack-able content.

If you need some inspiration on excellent blog topics for realtors, here is a realtor that is doing right.