Showcasing all of your team members on your real estate website is a great morale booster for the entire team. This is why we recommend ensuring every agent on your team or brokerage has a profile on your website. From the top producers selling several dozen properties per year to the new agent that just got their license and is eager to start. Doing this allows all agents to do a few things with their real estate agent profile pages including marketing themselves, your team or brokerage, and/or their own specific listings.

There are a few things that should and could be included in your real estate agent profile pages with IDX Broker connection.

  • Make sure each real estate agent has a good and professionally written biography. Remember grammar matters and any little misspelling will be pointed out.
  • Include all contact information and even social media icons and links going to each platform.
  • Have a really good picture. Try something new and maybe even have a good scenery setting behind you like a landmark from the area you service.
  • Featured properties listed by that agent.
  • A good video is a plus. Most might not want to read your bio, no matter how long it is.
  • Testimonials from your clients your agents have serviced. Or, you can include a link their Zillow reviews.

With most real estate websites, depending on your IDX provider and type of IDX account, you have two options. The first is give all agents the option of having access to the IDX feed and all company listings, you will incur extra fees but they aren’t too high. This will allow agents to have their featured listings on their agent’s page. Click here to see a sample from The second option is to only allow the top producing agents to have that option and not list the new and part-time agents that may only sell a couple of properties per year.



With our LuxRe real estate website platform with IDX Broker integration, you do not have the problem with the second option mentioned above. Our platform allows you to select the right IDXbroker account for you and still give exposure to all team members, top producers or not.

The LuxRe platform allows you to include a LOCAL PROFILE for a real estate agent profile page. This means this agent will not have access to your IDX as a user but will still have a beautiful agents page like everyone else. The real estate agent profile page will still include a profile picture, a well-written bio, all contact information options and possibly their Zillow reviews. It will not include any properties in the profile. This can be achieved very easily by logging into the administrative panel of your LuxRe platform.

Here is a sample from the Marron Gildea Real Estate website using our LuxRe platform. Click here. 

If you are already using our LuxRe real estate website platform click for the blog with the step by step process create a real estate agent profile page as a local profile.