Supplemental listings are properties you wish to include on your website but which are not listed in your MLS. The second you get a new listing you want to get a head start on the marketing. You shouldn’t have to wait for a web a designer or for when someone on your team has the time. If you’re on our LuxRe real estate website platform and/or have an account, adding a supplemental listing shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. In these 10 min you can gather the right 10 pictures, all of the property information, log in to your account, and have that listing loaded on your website.

First you want login to your dash board and click on the big LISTINGS button on the top. In the submenu click on SUPPLEMENTAL then click Create.

Once the ADD LISTING form page pops up fill in all of the info that is required. You must select your MLS and an agent that will be tied to that listing for it to load on your website. There is not an option to load the images on this page. It will be on the next page. Once all the information is filled in click ADD PROPERTY. The page will automatically reload and your property will be saved.

Click back on the SUPPLEMENTAL tab then click MANAGE. This will load all of your supplemental properties. Once here you can click on the IMAGE ICON to load the property’s images. You are allowed to upload up to 10 images with a max size of 1 megabyte per image.

Once done visit the home page of your website, click on the PROPERTY tab then exclusives. This results page should now list this property. Now lets line up the next exclusive property and rinse and repeat this process.

Now that you have all of your exclusive properties listed lets setup the open houses.