Your Realtor Website Should Be Collecting Data

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Marketing success in the next decade will rely heavily on the data you collect. Everything from emails and cell phone numbers captured to website traffic will all be vital information that you can use to target the right customers. But your website will be the central place for data collection. If you haven't done so [...]

Realtor Website – Francisco Lugo of Coldwell Banker

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Young, determined, and eager to make an impact. Francisco Lugo started his career ready to take the real estate industry by storm. He knew to be taken seriously by the residents of the Madison, NJ area he needed a professional headshot, branded marketing materials, and a real estate agent website that would be ready for [...]

Adding a Supplemental Listing to Your Website

By |2018-09-18T13:51:16-04:00September 9th, 2018|Resources| Supplemental listings are properties you wish to include on your website but which are not listed in your MLS. The second you get a new listing you want to get a head start on the marketing. You shouldn't have to wait for a web a designer or for when someone on your team has [...]

Text Message Leads with IDX and Your Website

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In Real Estate, speed is the name of the game. And instant notifications and fast replies with a lead are probably two of the most critical parts of your business. The last thing you want is someone sending you an inquiry and then go to another agent because you failed to respond within a few [...]

SSL and A Secure Real Estate Website!

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In real estate a key factor in business is trust. You’re assisting someone or a family on one of the biggest purchase of their lifetime. Some for the first time and others for the last. Within this fast-paced tech-driven era every aspect of your business needs to invoke trust. This is why you need to [...]

Broker Website –

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They say you never forget your first client. We know for sure we won't forget Vue Residential of Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ. Especially when they keep coming back and adding cool features to their LuxRe Broker Real Estate website platform. The website includes all of the standard features offered on the LuxRe Broker Real Estate [...]

How to Create a Property Carousel Widget

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The property carousel widget is a real estate widget that makes it possible to create a series of images or other elements displaying few details on your website. After some time, the carousel can automatically advance itself. It is possible to use more than one carousel on a page as long as it doesn’t affect [...]

How to use IDX Broker Message Center

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IDX Broker, amongst all of its great features, has a really good message center. If you and your team are marketing, driving traffic, and generating leads, this part of IDX broker should become a daily login task. The IDX broker message center tracks all email notifications sent by the system to both you and your leads. Some of [...]

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