How to setup IDX forced Registration (Basic)

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For real estate agents, it's all about lead generation. Giving visitors to your website the option to (request) or requiring (force) their registration is a way to raise the chances of them giving you their contact information. There are a few things that factor into these registration options and people just giving you their information. Click [...]

Increase Your Lead Capture with IDX Forced Registration

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This has been an often debated topic amongst real estate agents. Should you force visitors to register for an account on your website to be able to view available property listings and other valuable content? If so, after how many search pages or detailed property listings before the IDX forced registration? And last, what formula [...]

Manually Adding Properties to Zillow

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There are a lot of pros and cons about Zillow Group but we understand they're a business and they’re trying to make sure they can provide a valuable service to potential home-buyers. So this means sometimes making changes to their platform will aggravate realtors. One of their changes from early 2017 includes not allowing agents [...]

Great Schools widget for your real estate website

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One of the best selling points for realtors, if and when it applies, is the great school districts available near specific properties. This can be the deciding factor for a family looking to give their kids the best education possible. If there are Blue Ribbon Schools in the area that is a huge plus. This is why [...]

Add an Open House in IDX Broker

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How to Add an Open House in IDX Broker Your LuxRe Real Estate Website or Wordpress website with IDX Broker is an amazing tool for your marketing mix. In our Open House Marketing Strategy blog post we show you a simple strategy to drive traffic to your website and your open houses. This blog post [...]

3 Step Open House Marketing Strategy

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Open houses are still a significant part of the home-buying process. This blog post on Open Houses from Inman, Link Here, is an excellent read, and they give some great insight and tips. They touch on geographically marketing your open house on social media, specifically, using Facebook advertising. We think this is one of the best [...]

7 Ways To Improve Your Under Performing Real Estate Website

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We understand, how are you supposed to make sure you provide excellent service, sell homes, and manage your real estate website? Unless you have a marketing team or manager handling everything on your website, you’re flying solo and we know it's not easy. We're here to help, here are several tips on how you can [...]