Broker/Team Platform Setup Questions

1. Who will be the main point of contact during the setup?

2. Signup for IDX Broker

3. What domain name will you be using? We will also need access to that account. (eg. GoDaddy)

4. All the forms on the website and IDX Broker, which email should all leads go to?

5. Are you planning on using a CRM like TopProducer that we need to be aware of?

6. Home Page
a. Home Page Banner:
The banner can be set as a fixed image, slideshow or video. What would you like setup? Please provide the images and/or video you would like. We would prefer a Hi-Res Images.

b. Featured Properties
Which are the initial four Featured Properties for the home page? Please provide us with their MLS Listing IDs.

c. Neighborhoods
This section can be named Neighborhoods or Cities.
Which are the initial six pages that you would like? We recommend you write a description for these pages.

d. News & Events
If you have any specific news or blog post that you want loaded once the site starts send them over and we will set them up.

e. Team Members
I need all highness photos of all your agents going on the website. We also need all their contact info and bios going on the website. Next to their names please provide their relator id# as well.

f. About Page
Need the content.

g. Contact Page:
Which is the email address that should be presented here.

i. Mortgage
Will you be using this page? If so we will need their information and photo if needed.

4. Top Menu

a. Properties Drop Down
Do you want the same general feeds from the demo or anything specific?

5. General Content
You can look at the site and let us know any updates content/description that needs to be updated. We created the content on the demo and you can use it but I recommend to make it your own.

Demo Link for Reference:

This is all we need for now. I will send over the invoice for the setup with the deposit applied. We will bill you the monthly once we are ready to launch.