There is no doubt about it, social media is a major part of every realtor’s marketing mix. From providing valuable content on your post to live videos on Facebook of your featured properties, your job now requires you to become more social. Your goal here is to not only provide your followers with great content that builds your brand reputation but to also get them to visit your website, search for properties, and possibly convert them into a lead.

We know the above is the ideal process we want everyone that lands on your Facebook fan page to follow, but 9 out of 10 times it’s not going to work out that way. That’s why it’s important to provide followers on your Facebook fan page with more options and different ways to link back to your website. A great way to do this is to list your featured property listings directly on your Facebook Fan Page.

IDX Broker allows you to install a widget on the side menu of your Facebook Business Page with all of your featured properties. See example below.

Once on this page, your followers will have the ability to see all of your featured properties that are linked to your IDX Broker account. These properties include your featured MLS listings and exclusive supplemental listings.

When people click on any of these featured properties, they are then redirected to that specific property page on your website. Goal achieved! Here is when everything else we have been recommending comes into play. Make sure your Facebook Pixel is installed so you can advertise to visitors to your website. You should also have forced/requested registration options in place so when people start looking at other properties on your website you can generate a possible lead.

I think this is a great tool to add to your marketing mix and add more value to your Facebook Fan Page.



Here is the process to get this feature on your website. 

Step 1

Log into your Facebook business account and your IDX Broker account. If you don’t have an IDX Broker account you can click here to sign up. Once in you’re logged in Click on DESIGNS then PAGES on the submenu.

Here you want to scroll down to the Facebook page row and click Edit Preferences. Once on this page, there are two tabs that offer customization. To link your IDX Broker account to Facebook, please select the Facebook Page ID tab and copy and paste the web address of your Facebook business page into the ‘Enter the URL’ section. Once pasted, click FETCH PAGE ID, it will automatically filter in your Facebook Account Page ID.

Step 2

After setting your Facebook page ID, you need to add the app to Facebook. On the SETTINGS tab, click the blue click here link.

You will be redirected to this popup window from Facebook. Click on the drop-down and select your Facebook fan page. Then add page tab.

Step 3

Finally, just log in to your Facebook fan page and check for the widget on the left-hand panel.

And if you want to make sure that your Featured Listings Tab is visible and not in the hidden drop down options go to you SETTINGS on the top right, then EDIT PAGE, and click and drag the tab option higher into the layer order.

All done!



Facebook does not allow the install or usage of 3rd party apps until a Fan Page has over 2,000 likes. Please advertise your page and get over that 2,000 likes mark to add this and other cool widgets.