One of the best selling points for realtors, if and when it applies, is the great school districts available near specific properties. This can be the deciding factor for a family looking to give their kids the best education possible. If there are Blue Ribbon Schools in the area that is a huge plus.

This is why we recommend having a Great Schools Widget on your LuxRe Real Estate website or WordPress website with IDX Broker. The widget showcases public schools, private schools, elementary schools, and early education centers.

The great schools widget will allow visitors to see all of the Great Schools in the area they are interested in, either by the map, zip code, or address. The only draw back is the widget does not pin a to a specific address. But, if you zoom in it will center to the street of the address you searched for.

If you have our LuxRe Real Estate website platform or another website with IDX Broker integration, here is the process. It’s really simple!



First, to enable or disable this feature, just log in to your IDX Broker account and navigate to Preferences, then Global Preferences, and select the Details Tab.

Next, toggle to Great Schools and click Enable, or disable if you’d like to remove the widget option.

Finally, visit one of your property pages scroll down to area info and make sure the Great Schools IDX Broker widget is live and working on your website.