The property carousel widget is a real estate widget that makes it possible to create a series of images or other elements displaying few details on your website. After some time, the carousel can automatically advance itself. It is possible to use more than one carousel on a page as long as it doesn’t affect loading time and the ease of reading a page. It is advisable to use as few carousels as possible to ensure that loading time is not affected. Carousels make it easy and fast for visitors to scroll through a website and get some details.

idx broker property carousel

  • On the main menu, click Designs
  • Go to the sub menu and click Widgets
  • Click Create from the drop-down menu. On the same menu, click Carousel to specify the type of widget you are creating
  • Still on the drop-down menu, select the properties which you would like to have displayed on the carousel widget. To add pages, click the Add page button. If you add any unwanted pages by mistake, you can remove them with the remove page button. To add images, drag them into the carousel. Avoid adding large images as they may cause the carousel to take a long time to load. Use the interval slider to set time intervals depending on your preference. After you have made all your selections, click Save Changes. The following are some of the options you may come across.

Supplemental Properties

If you have manually added any listings to your account, they are included in this option. Supplemental listings, also called pocket listings, are those listings that are excluded from the data received from MLS.

Featured Properties

All listings connected to your office or agent ID will match this set.

Featured + Supplemental

This includes all MLS listings that are connected to your office or agent ID as well as supplemental listings added to your account.

Featured Agents Properties

It includes the existing active listing of a section of agents in your office account. Sometimes, it may only include one agent.

Custom Search

This option is important when there is a need to make a showcase on the basis of search criteria for a certain area, segment or neighbors.

Sold/Pending Properties

This option matches any sold or pending listings in your account.

Build (Copy & Paste) Link

With this option, you can take prebuilt search pages and paste the link to make a copy of a saved link search results in widget format.

Custom List

This option is used when it is important to showcase a set of specific properties.

Polygon Search

If your MLS results are not very accurate, you can use this option to include listings in a specific area.

  • Customize your widget by giving it a name and setting the desired maximum number of rows and columns. After making desired changes on the settings, click Build Widget.
  • Embed the widget by copying its code and pasting it into the HTML of the desired webpage. You can then be able to see the new carousel. Remember that you need to create a new widget for every location on your website. If the widget doesn’t work as you need it to, try embedding it from a third party source. Before adding images into a carousel widget, make sure they are the right size. Changing their size after they have been added to the carousel may not work. Do not be concerned if you notice that the widget’s shape keeps changing. That is expected especially if the sizes of the images on the widget are not uniform.
  •  If, for whatever reason, you wish to edit a carousel widget, click outside the widget and then below the image you want. Click on the blank space below the image and then on the settings icon to make any changes.