How to use your Whats Your Home Worth Lead Page

This has long been a good tool for realtors and lead generation. Even though some have had more success than others, we are always here to help. Here are some ways to generate more leads using your What’s Your Home Worth lead page.

Facebook Ads

Even though Facebook has made some recent updates to its audience insight tool, with a good strategy, you can still find strategic ways to target homeowners in your selected areas. Below you can find an example on how to set up your audience. Here I have targeted those that are 35 years and older who live in Montclair, NJ.


Why target 35 and over? Simple, even if someone is just 35 years old they may have bought their house 3 years ago and the market value has gone up 25-30% since then, so homes are going for over asking. They may be curious as how much they can actually get for their home. And if the price is right…

Let’s say this audience is a little vague for you, here is an update to the same audience.

Here I added a few cities – Clifton, Bloomfield, and Glen Ridge, NJ – but I added parents with kids 13 to 26. Parents with new empty nest might be looking to get the good payout for their home, downsize, and start really living their lives.



These two options are just a couple of ways to strategically use Facebooks and your What’s your home worth lead page.


Though many say they don’t work, mailers are still one of our favorite marketing tools. They’re a quick way to get information into people’s hands. And with the ease of using USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail system it’s even more cost effective to blanket a whole area.

One example of how to use this mailing system would be for open house postcards sent to the various carrier routes near your listing. This postcard would let all the neighbors know a property is being sold. Here is the perfect opportunity to let them know you can offer a free home evaluation on your website. Be sure to use a link shortening website like Bitly  to make it easier for consumers to use read and type the URL. So instead of someone seeing they see



Our LuxRe real estate website platform now includes a Whats Your Home Worth Lead Page for every client, Agent or Broker. Here are a couple of clients currently using the lead page – and For more information on our website platform and the tools included shot us an email at

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