IDX Broker, amongst all of its great features, has a really good message center. If you and your team are marketing, driving traffic, and generating leads, this part of IDX broker should become a daily login task. The IDX broker message center tracks all email notifications sent by the system to both you and your leads. Some of those notifications include:

  1. Lead notifications
  2. Contact form submissions
  3. Request for more information on listings
  4. Possible billing issues

Your leads also get regular updates and email notifications from IDX Broker. Specifically, updates from any saved searched or saved properties.

Logging in and checking these messages and notifications is a simple process. First, log into your IDX Broker account and click on ACCOUNT then MESSAGE CENTER in the submenu.

Once here you can filter your messages by checking your options up top or selecting a category.

Messages in the SENT TO ME filter will include new lead notifications and emails from IDX Broker regarding your account, billing or support issues. Messages in the SENT BY ME filter will include verification emails and property updates sent out to your leads.

IDX Broker Message Center allows you to track who is reading and responding to your emails. On the far right of each email are columns showing emails that have been opened and whether or not the lead has clicked on a link in that email. This is a great way to track and follow up with leads.

Each message tells you a couple of key points of information:

  1. Their contact information with Name, Email, and Phone
  2. Date when the lead was filled out
  3. Last page the person visited

If you have yet to log in to your IDX Broker Message Center, we recommend you do and learn how this can help you communicate and close potential leads.

Next step, link all featured properties to your Facebook business page.