This has been an often debated topic amongst real estate agents. Should you force visitors to register for an account on your website to be able to view available property listings and other valuable content? If so, after how many search pages or detailed property listings before the IDX forced registration? And last, what formula works best?

To be very honest we don’t know what the exact answer is. Every agent is different and their preference and what works varies. But, we do believe a few factors come into play and helps you decide what would work best.

What is your status as an agent?

Are you a top producing agent with multiple high-end or million-dollar listings? Or a new agent looking to penetrate the market? For the top producing agent with a lot of brand recognition in the area, having a forced registration earlier in the process can leverage your brand reputation as the agent or brokerage with the best listings.

For a new agent or part-time agent, setting up a requested registration a couple pages in first then a forced registration a couple of pages after can come off as a non-invasive way of potentially getting the visitor to register. This allows website visitors to get to know you, and based on the value you have to offer, the option to submit their contact information.

Who is your target clientele?

Second, who are you marketing to, buyers or sellers? Presently, in the last quarter of 2017, we are in a seller’s market with limited supply and properties are selling for over-asking. This tells me that you should want to have multiple options for requested registration early into the search process and a forced registration for your exclusive and featured listings. Especially, if you’re the broker or agent with some of the best listings in town. Leverage the inventory you currently have available to get buyers and potential home-sellers to sign up view your amazing properties listings.


Next, how good is the content and how much value are you providing with it? Having really good, interesting and valuable content helps keep your visitors engaged and clicking away to other pages all while building more trust in your brand. Giving your visitors information about the current market, hot spots in the area or important transportation info are good examples of this. This search traffic now allows you to actually use the requested and forced registration options. We recommend you start writing or hire a good content writer and add useful content to your website.

If you don’t know what to type of content to provide here click here to see blog topics we recommend for your website. And just to be clear, there are no forced or requested registration options for your blog pages. These options are specified for the IDX Search Pages, Map Search Pages, Results Pages, Details Pages, and Photo Galleries.

As you might have read a couple of times, the common theme here is what value are you providing. In order for you to be able to use these functions properly and for them to actually work, you need traffic and visitors clicking around. If you already have that, great! Click here to learn how to setup IDX forced registration functions on your LuxRe real estate website with