Open houses are still a significant part of the home-buying process. This blog post on Open Houses from Inman, Link Here, is an excellent read, and they give some great insight and tips. They touch on geographically marketing your open house on social media, specifically, using Facebook advertising.

We think this is one of the best ways to get maximum exposure to your open house. If you don’t have a set strategy in place, here is one I teach in my social media classes.


Before you get started, know what your goals are. Your goals should include a couple or all of the following:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Acquire some form of contact information you can use for marketing – phone number or email
  • Get people to the open house
  • Sell the property


Make sure the listed property is on YOUR website, and you can include the Open house information on the listing. If you’re using our LuxRe Real Estate website platform with IDX broker, you’re in luck. IDX Broker lets you include and update the Open House information for each of your listings. If you’re a broker, you can assign a team member to the listing. Click here to see how.


Create an event on Facebook. In this event, add all the information and make sure you include the link in the description or “Ticket” information. This process will give you two ways people can confirm and register for the Open House. Your followers and fans can confirm their attendance on the Facebook event. But, the skeptics who seek more information will probably look to visit your website. Once they are there, you want to give them the option to “Request More Infomation.” And if someone fills out this form, they just became a lead, and you can probably get them in for a private showing.

Last but not least, advertise it.

Facebook, aka the holy grail of marketing, is probably one of the most cost-effective ways for you to advertise your property listing or open house. Where else can you get 1,000 people in a chosen demographic to see your post for $20?

Let’s take that event post you created on Facebook and BOOST it. When you go to boost it, you want to edit “People you choose through targeting,” better known as the Audience. Here you select the age range, location – down to one mile of a specific address, and targeted interest.

We always tell agents, please be sure to take a second and think who would be interested in this property.

With Facebook, you can even add your entire email list to Facebook Audiences, and you’re allowed to advertise to Facebook Users with those matching email accounts.

When done, select your date range and the total you want to spend. And don’t be tight-gripped, $20 goes a long way.

That’s all, folks! I know it looks long, but try it a few times, edit, and repeat.