For real estate agents, it’s all about lead generation. Giving visitors to your website the option to (request) or requiring (force) their registration is a way to raise the chances of them giving you their contact information. There are a few things that factor into these registration options and people just giving you their information. Click here to find out.

If you’re looking to set up IDX forced registration for lead generation on your WordPress or LuxRe real estate website with integration, you have two options, basic or advanced. In this post, we are covering the basic option. It’s a quick and easy option that can be turned on in minutes. We recommended you install and try these options for a month, examine the results and decide for yourself if this lead generation tool works for you.

Let’s dive in.

Upon logging into your account click on LEADS button on the top menu then LEAD REGISTRATION PREFERENCES.

Once on this screen, you have a couple of preset IDX forced registration options to choose from. allows you to select one of the following:


Conservative – This isn’t really an option. We’re not sure why it would be named conservative but there are no options for registration besides the general lead forms on each property details page.

Balanced – We think is the best option for a new or part-time agent. This option has a Requested registration option (non-recurring) before anyone can see a Featured Property and a Featured Open House page. There is then a Forced registration after 5 property details pages.

Aggressive – For the Top Agents with a lot of brand awareness, great listings, and premium content, this could be the best and easiest option to leverage all of the hard work you’ve done. Here, a Requested registration is recurring after every 3 results pages for all types of results pages. There is then a Forced registration after 3 property details pages.

As you see in the screenshot, there is a custom feature as well. Here you can customize your own formulas and test multiple options. When you try this option and master it you can move on to the advanced option of IDX forced registration.