In real estate a key factor in business is trust. You’re assisting someone or a family on one of the biggest purchase of their lifetime. Some for the first time and others for the last. Within this fast-paced tech-driven era every aspect of your business needs to invoke trust. This is why you need to have a SECURE real estate website.

When we say secure we mean having an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate. This certificate will authenticate your website online and encrypt information it’s sending and processing to protect it against hackers and online invaders looking to grab any private information that may be of value.

Here is an explanation from the team at explaining the difference secure vs not secure: 

HTTP is ancient by computer standards. It’s a protocol for communication and it worked fine for a while. Unfortunately, HTTP is not secure. When you make an HTTP connection with a website that connection is not secure. That means that anyone can eavesdrop on the connection and steal or manipulate any data passed back-and-forth.

HTTPS is secure. When you make a connection with a website the data being sent is encrypted. That essentially makes it worthless to anyone without the corresponding key. Beyond security, HTTPS also blocks ISPs from injecting ads on your website, it is faster and performs better than HTTP and, finally, you have to have encryption in order to use HTTP/2, which is becoming more widely adopted by the day.

Why This Should Matter to You

The new version of the widely used Google Chrome web browser, Chrome 68, Mozilla’s Firefox, and other modern browsers will now alert visitors to your website whether it is secure or not. See the example below.

So, back to the central point of trust. When you directly refer people to your website, or they happen to land there from a promotion online that you’ve invested money into, you don’t want to lose that potential lead by them getting an alert letting them know this website is “Not Secure” upon arrival. In some instances, browsers will give you a red screen with an “not secure” message before moving into the website. Visitors to your website, if they still pass all the warning signs, will not feel comfortable filling out online forms because the website says that its not trusted.

Besides the trust factor being affected, your ranking on Google and other search engines is also in jeopardy. All search engines will now rank you lower if your website does not have an SSL. If you’ve been working hard to create good blog content or your site has good on-page SEO, some of the hard work will be lost.

It’s Going To Be OK

We have been aware off these impending changes for several months now and have been proactive ensuring our clients are not affected. We now make sure that every website under our LuxRe website platform is SECURE. Every website package includes SSL. So for our current clients, no worries. For others, contact your website providers and make sure visitors to your website can TRUST you with their information or contact us and we can get you on our secure website and launched within a couple of weeks.