In Real Estate, speed is the name of the game. And instant notifications and fast replies with a lead are probably two of the most critical parts of your business. The last thing you want is someone sending you an inquiry and then go to another agent because you failed to respond within a few hours. Every lead counts and text message leads via SMS messaging with your IDX Broker account can help speed up your response time with those potential leads coming in.

With your IDX Broker Platinum account, you can receive text message notifications whenever someone signs up as a lead. This way, you’ll instantly know when you have a new business lead, and you will be able to get in contact the moment it happens. Once submitted, SMS messages will include the name, phone number, and email the user provides.

Since this feature is a platinum account feature, its a massive plus for brokers and teams, this feature allows IDXBroker multi-user account (a.k.a. agents on your account) to receive direct text message leads as well. Now your agents can advertise their direct agent profiles either via social media ads or other advertisements with the use of link shortening services and respond to potential inquires at the drop of a dime.

If you’re already an account holder, here is the step by step process from


To opt in for SMS messaging, log into your IDX control panel and go to Leads in the main menu, then Lead Registration Preferences in the submenu. Click on the Advanced tab to go to the Lead Signup form. Scroll down to SMS Alerts, click Yes under Opt-In, then enter the phone number where you want to receive notifications and Save Changes.

If you have a multi-user account, you can also have any of your agents receive SMS messages for any leads that they receive by setting up SMS messaging in their agent bio. Go to Users in the main menu, then Agents -> Manage in the submenu. From there, click the Edit Agent icon for the agent you are working on. Scroll down to the SMS Alerts section and provide the number the agent would like to use.

You can opt out of these messages at any time by switching the toggle back to No in the IDX control panel or by replying to the SMS message and texting STOP. You can also opt back in from your phone by texting START to the same number.

The Message Center has a new tab to keep track of your text message leads sent by the system. To get there, go to Account in the main menu then Message Center in the submenu. Next, click on the SMS tab to see a list of all SMS messages specific to your account. Any SMS message history will be stored in the IDX Broker control panel for 28 days before it is removed.

Note: Any leads that are created via API or Middleware will not trigger SMS messaging. This means that any leads that come in from contact forms or are created by a user in Middleware will not notify the number of a new lead. When a lead fills out the User Signup, Save Search, or Save Property (eg. direct signups) this will trigger an SMS message.